Game Hosting backups


This article will explain exactly how our game hosting customers are backed up and information on how to restore your server.

Where is my server backed up? 

All game hosting servers are backed up on off-site, remote servers to ensure our customer's data is secure and safe in the event of issues with our game hosting nodes. 

How do I backup or restore my server?

Unfortunately, the panel we use for our game hosting clients, Pterodactyl Panel, only supports AWS S3 remote backups which is very costly when it comes to large server backups. That's why we've disabled the backup function and backup customer data to off-site servers. 

If you'd like to restore a backup please open a ticket and our team can restore/backup for you.

How long are backups stored?

Our game hosting backups have a retention of 31 days which are then automatically deleted.

Additional Support: 

If you need additional assistance or have any questions or concerns, we have multiple routes of support listed below:

Support Ticket:
Email Support: [email protected]

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