Virtal Dedicated Servers

Our virtual dedicated servers are the exact same as our cloud VPS hosting except with dedicated vCores rather than shared.

These plans are best for uses such as highly frequented web servers, video encoding, machine learning or research calculations.

VDS-1 2 vCores 8GB DDR4 80GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £24.99/month Order
VDS-2 4 vCores 16GB DDR4 160GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £39.99/month Order
VDS-3 8 vCores 32GB DDR4 240GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £84.99/month Order
VDS-4 16 vCores 64GB DDR4 360GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £169.99/month Order
VDS-5 32 vCores 128GB DDR4 600GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £314.99/month Order
VDS-6 48 vCores 192GB DDR4 960GB NVMe SSD 15TB Monthly £449.99/month Order

Daily backups: £15.00/month
Additional IPv4 addresses: £3.50/month & £1.00 setup fee
Additional IPv6 addresses: £3.50/month & £1.00 setup fee

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Hosting Features

Powerful Control Panel

Our VDS control panel is built-in to your client area providing easy access. Rebuild your server, start/stop it, restore backups, access the console, and more.

NVMe SSD Drives

Treat your applications to lightning-fast performance, thanks to every one of our cloud VDS hypervisors utilizing 100% enterprise-grade NVMe SSD drives.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Our redundant, blazing-fast, load-balanced cloud VDS platform features high-speed networking to ensure a consistent 99% network uptime.

Off-site Backups

Have the option to purchase daily backups for your VDS which are stored on remote servers to ensure your data is safe. Restore at anytime.

Instant Deploy

There's no waiting around for your VDS, get started with your server almost instantly. Our platform deploys in under 10 seconds.

Expert Customer Support

Our UK & US based customer support team will answer any questions you may have about your services as quickly as we can.

Intuitive Control Panel

  • Server Control

    Easily control your server with the ability to start, stop, reboot, reset root password, rebuild, restore backups, access the console, and more!

  • Usage Graphs

    Monitor your RAM, CPU, disk, and network usage with easy-to-read graphs generated in the control panel.

  • Built-in Terminal

    Execute commands without the need of an SSH client using the built-in terminal on the control panel ensuring you always have access to your VDS wherever you are.

Ready-to-use Images

Have a variety of operating systems to choose from, and of course, we provide the most current release.